A progressive school that is responsive to the age we live in now.

The Gardner School of Arts & Sciences is unique in Clark County. This pre-K through 8th grade school serves bright, creative students who thrive in an idyllic setting that offers inquiry-based learning and a commitment to the multiple intelligences model. Its student body ranges across a wide spectrum of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. The school has an atmosphere characterized by individualized attention, small classes, and a hands-on focus to learning. Students create portfolios of work each year that showcase learning in core academic subjects. Much of the work is project-based and expresses in-depth understanding of a particular topic.

Founded in 1995, The Gardner School of Arts & Sciences is Southwest Washington’s only independent progressive student- centered learning environment. Inspired by the theory of multiple intelligences —identified by Harvard professor Howard Gardner
— our community of teachers and learning recognizes and honors many ways of learning, thinking and expressing.

Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world.

If The Gardner School of Arts & Sciences did not exist, then someone in Vancouver would most certainly want to establish it. The dynamic and forward thinking community of Vancouver needs to provide a dynamic and forward thinking educational choice for its citizens. The Gardner School, with its commitment to cultivating life-long learners whose critical thinking and problem solving facility will position them to meet the challenges of the future, provides exactly that choice.

School Mission:

The Gardner School inspires students to actively seek knowledge and understanding, think independently, reason critically, and embrace challenge. Teaching to the uniqueness of each individual, we focus on the process of learning and value the exchange of ideas through collaborative work, inspiring all learners to reach their highest potential. While building knowledge of self and an awareness of their connection to others, our students develop responsibility for themselves, their community, the earth and humanity.



The Gardner School of Arts & Sciences

16413 NE 50th Avenue

Vancouver, WA 98686