Your Donations are Vital!

Our auction is successful because the entire Gardner School Community takes part in procuring donations. Each family is asked to procure two items for the auction by Monday, January 27, 2020.

Step One

Get donations! You'll need these materials:

-1- Auction Donation Letter (click to download), if soliciting donated item(s).

-2- Donation Form (triplicate form available in the school lobby)

Step Two

Complete the Donation Form for each item (or group of items if assembling a themed basket). Don't forget to assign a fair market value (a.k.a. retail price)!

Step Three

Bring-in your item(s), with their corresponding Donation Form(s), to the school's front office.

That's it!

Helpful Ideas & Tips for Procuring Auction Items

Finding Great Items

Are you new to fundraising auctions or want some tips to make the process easier and more fun? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. START NOW! Donors may need some time to make a decision and follow-up may be necessary.
  2. REQUEST A SPECIFIC ITEM. Think of something you would LOVE bid on at the auction. Don’t be afraid to think big!
  3. KEEP DONATION FORMS HANDY IN YOUR CAR. The next time you patronize your favorite restaurant, specialty store, service provider, etc., ask if they will make a donation. Most businesses expect to make donations to promote their business and prefer to make them to organizations that their customers care about; this won’t be the first time they have been asked! Auctions give great visibility to local businesses and bring in new customers.
  4. A PERSONAL TOUCH IS BEST! Most donations come from individual contacts & connections.
  5. WHAT CAN YOU DONATE? Some of the best items we see are personally led trips, hikes or bike rides. Vacation homes, hosted dinners, parties, etc. are big sellers as well. (see page 4 for more ideas)
  6. DON’T FORGET TO ASK FAMILY AND FRIENDS. The auction is a great way for our extended community to support The Gardner School.
  7. LET BUSINESSES KNOW THEY WILL GET SOME KUDOS! Donors will be listed on our auction website, in our auction night program, and can give you promotional materials to put next to the auction item on auction night.

Ideas for Popular Auction Items:

Not sure what kind of item(s) to procure? Here are some items that have been very popular in past auctions:

  • One or Two Night Stay in a Hotel/Motel
  • Week or Weekend Stay in a VACATION HOME or TIMESHARE
  • Donated TOURS of Local Wineries
  • Tickets to Sporting or Theatre EVENTS
  • TICKETS/MEMBERSHIPS to Child Friendly Events: The Zoo, OMSI,The Children’s Museum, etc.
  • CLASSES/LESSONS for Kids or Adults: Dance, Rock Climbing, Soccer, Swimming, Riding, etc.
  • Themed BASKETS with merchandise or gift certificates for children or adults.
  • Donated DINNERS or GIFT CERTIFICATES from your local favorite restaurants.
  • Host a DINNER PARTY or WINE TASTING PARTY in your home
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES for massages, spa treatments, etc.
  • Specialty MEAL or DESSERT made for a family/larger group.
  • SERVICES such as; Babysitting, Housesitting, Pet Care, Handyman, etc.
  • Use your imagination! If you or your family would enjoy it, so would another!

Items that DO NOT sell well: art, jewelry, candy